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  • blushie boi
    2 days ago

    id figured id post this here too because yes
  • blushie boi
    2 days ago

    i was listening to music and i thought this fit with trott and bagels personalities kinda so heres this
  • Dusk Productions321
    Nov 11

    After 2 years of nonstop work the series is FINALLY Done I'm sad that this is ending and I still love JMKIT to pieces but maybe in the future I could create a spin-off. I've had my fun but I'm quite tired of doing ALIB but possibly when things get better and I finish everything else and I have NOTHING else to do then I'll create a better spin off series of ALIB I'm also going to be working on other projects like Lover's Disease so if you're interested please check out my channel It's not the end of ALIB completely I'll still update Specials from time to time that have nothing to do with the plot. ALSO ALIB the movie is coming out in 2020 picking up where we left off in Season 2. stay tuned for future updates and the movie!
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